Lugar Secreto

Lugar Secreto Book
Lugar Secreto - This is a book of poems and short stories written by Austin, Texas author: Chad Fox. The stories speak of an ancient forest where the creatures are enchanted by the Sun, using old solar prophecies to decipher their bright/or dark futures. The book has 150 pages and is separated into nine chapters. A great read for people of all ages. Join Chad Fox in this journey to a Secret Place.

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This review is from: Lugar Secreto (English and Spanish Edition) (Paperback)
"This book is in short amazing. I felt moved when I read the short stories and the poems. They are touching and heartfelt and this book is beautiful, I highly recommend everyone reading it. I sat down and read everything in one sitting, I couldnt put it down it was just that moving."  
'Sophia, customer  from